A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay

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In this day and age, it is often hard for people to fully convey the depth of their message using strictly secular means of expression. In regard to literary analysis, one can derive that authors use an array of literary devices to make their stories more interesting. Personification, metaphors, similes, and hyperboles are all incorporated into both modern and ancient literature as bridge to increase the potency of the message that the author is attempting to deliver to his or her reader. In the short story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, Gabriel Marquez creates a character who possess wings like an angel. To a fundamentalist, the man having wings would become the focal point, to which would then overshadow the true reason as to why …show more content…
As previously mentioned, the implementation of the wings represents power, speed, and freedom. The old man with the wings is an embodiment of all of which is severely lacking in the lives of Pelayo and Elisenda. In a grandiose metaphor, the man comes weak and retched. As he begins to recover, the foundation that Pelayo and Elisenda reside on becomes stronger. One can look upon the old man as an anesthetic due to his ability to dull the pain of poverty that is so blatant in their lives. The symbol of power comes from the powerless standpoint Pelayo and Elisenda. It is common practice for a society to have a societal-hierarchy. Being that Pelayo and his wife were parents whose income was based on hunting crabs, one can infer that they were not very powerful. When the man arrived, their community’s perception of them changed and they became popular. However this is mainly because of the alien qualities that the man possessed. He spoke in a different tongue, and his idiosyncrasies were foreign to the people whom encountered his dialect and odd behavior. In the end when he departs, Pelayo and Elisenda find power within themselves as they find happiness in the fact that they nurtured an old man back to a healthy state. Speed may not be a symbol holistically, but it is nevertheless a part of what made the old man so important. Freedom being a symbol is not so easily explainable. Freedom in itself is a rather convoluted word. It can be interpreted in

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