Essay on A Sociological Perspective of Lord of the Flies

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During World War II, the United States killed 90,000 to 166,000 people in Hiroshima with an atomic bomb. The bombing of Hiroshima demonstrated the uncivilized behaviors of humankind: hunger for power, misuse of technology, and subconscious reactions to conflicts. Lord of the Flies, an allegorical novel by William Golding, illustrates a horrific tale of boys who are stranded on an island and lose their ability to make civil decisions. Throughout the book, Ralph and Jack fight for power, Piggy’s spectacles are constantly taken to create fire, and several of the boys become “savage” and act upon their subconscious minds. From a sociological perspective, Golding’s novel portrays man’s voracity for power, abuse of technology to the point of …show more content…
Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife. Roger found a lodgment for his point and began to push till he was leaning with his whole weight. The spear moved forward inch by inch and the terrified squealing became a high-pitched scream. Then Jack found the throat and the hot blood spouted over his hands. The sow collapsed under them and they were heavy and fulfilled upon her” (135). Another example of hunger for power is the fighting between Ralph and Jack for the position of chief. At first, Ralph becomes chief of the island by a civilized vote. However, as Jack’s jealousy grows, he leaves Ralph’s tribe and starts one of his own, which Ralph does not approve of. Even after the majority of boys join Jack’s tribe, Jack is still unsatisfied and he attempts to kill Ralph so that he is the only chief on the island. Through violence and savagery, the boys exemplify mankind’s desperation for power. Another human behavior symbolized in the story is abuse of technology, especially to the point of destruction. The most prominent effigy of technology in the book is Piggy’s glasses. They allow him to see clearly, yet can also be used to create fire. When Ralph, the initial chief of the boys, demands a fire for a rescue signal, they seize Piggy’s specs and use them to light a giant pile of wood. The fire becomes disastrous, however, and even kills one of the smaller boys. “Beneath the dark canopy of

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