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A Heroless Story You can’t have a good story without a good hero, Fitzgerald did exact opposite of that in “The Great Gatsby”. Oxford dictionary defines hero as “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities” (Oxford). There are no heroes in “The Great Gatsby”.
When you think of heroes in the story the first person you would claim to be the hero would be Nick Carraway, but he is not a hero. Nick Carraway is a liar, but he only lies a certain way, through omission. He would neglect to give out important details that would change the entire plot of the story exponentially in a positive manner. His first lie was when he neglected to tell Daisy of Tom’s affair with Myrtle
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Later in the story at one of Gatsby parties he doesn’t want to be the “polo player” thinking it is negative. Then after he cheat on Daisy Buchanan with Myrtle Wilson, when Daisy Buchanan has an affair with Gatsby and she is in the wrong. First of cheating already disqualifies you from being a hero because it’s not a noble quality, but to have the nerve to attack someone for doing the exact same thing you did it is just wrong. Tom Buchanan is not a hero. Jordan Baker is more of an instigator than anything else much less a hero. Whatever her small role in the story she actually played rather than be helpful she was just throwing gasoline to an already lit fire. She recognized that Daisy and Tom Buchanan marriage was starting to fall apart and caused some metaphorical sparks and flames, but then she decides to help Gatsby and through a propane tank in. Then she knows of Daisy’s affair with Gatsby, but doesn’t tell Tom anything. She is a lot like Nick Carraway, if they both were a slightly more active in their roles things wouldn’t have ended the way they did. Jordan Baker is not a hero. Daisy Buchanan cannot think for herself, she has all these other people who are not heroes do the thinking for her, so by default she can be a hero. The day before her wedding she received a letter from Gatsby and was about cancel the entire wedding, but then her mother and Jordan took her aside and told her she is getting married and she accepted that. Then later on in the

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