Essay about A Critique of Bush's Speeches after September 11

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A Critique of Bush's Speeches after September 11

After the terrorists attacks on September eleventh, President Bush had to prepare himself to address the nation with intensions to calm the United States citizens and give them some answers. The President had many speeches in the week after this happened and some words he used were not as concise as they could have been. These words and phrases are his attempts to comfort the United States people but only anger the terrorists he has declared war with. In a critique of Bushs speeches in the weeks after the tragedy, it is written, He called for revenge, called Osama bin Laden the prime suspect and asked for him dead or alive. (Max 1) Using such strong words gives an impression that Bush
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The American people learn that these terrorists may be committing these acts in the name of their Islamic god, Allah, and Bush labels them as blasphemous. Now, the people affiliated in this organization are not only terrorists but they also disrespect their own god. Bush is degrading these people so that citizens of the United States may realize that this organizations mission is not for a truthful purpose, and may not any pity for them in our retaliation, after the acts they committed. President Bush lets the nation know that we will initiate our fight on terrorists with the al Qaeda, but it will not end until every organization involved in terrorism is abolished. Bush states, Our war on terror begins with the al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated. (4 par. 1) This gives a grasp to the American people what our mission is, in this war, and how we will eventually be able to end all terrorists acts by eliminating these terror organizations. As in Words that Changed a Presidency, Colin Powell, Secretary of State, was arguing for a direct targeting of the certain terrorists and not concentrating, at first, on other states on the State Departments state sponsored terrorism list. Bush eventually agreed with Powell, at a National

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