A Conservative Argument against Stem Cell Research Essay

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A Conservative Argument against Stem Cell Research

For the past few years stem cell research has been a widely debated topic; however, former President Clinton?s stance?allowing federal money to be spent on tightly controlled stem cell research?lead to intense debates over federal funding for stem cell research. There are four ways of obtaining stem cells, which are taken from embryos that are approximately one week old. They are using unwanted embryos from fertility clinics, embryos from aborted fetuses, cloned embryos, and embryos created for research purposes. Stem cells can also be taken out of adult bone marrow, but scientists do not think that adult stem cells hold as much medical potential. Conservatives are against
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The argument found in The New York Times tells why conservatives were against Clinton?s newly released statement of federal funding for stem cell research. In general Clinton?s statement allows federal funding on stem cells that were not killed by ?federally supported researchers? (Los Angeles Times 10). In order to support his argument Weigel first summarizes The New York Times? argument, second proves the ideas in The New York Times? argument fallacious, and lastly explains President Clinton?s decision on federal funding for stem cell research. Weigel uses argument by definition, analogy, and cause and effect with pathos intertwined to persuade readers toward his point of view.

Weigel disagrees with two points made in The New York Times, both of which are arguments of definition. The New York Times says that conservatives disagree with Clinton?s statement because they ?consider human embryos??to be capable of life,?? and its columnist Michael Kinsley states that ?The beginning of human life is not a factual question?human life is a label we confer? (Los Angeles Times 5). Weigel begins combating this with an argument of definition by stating ?Nothing that is human was ever anything other than human. Nothing that is not human will ever become human? (Los Angeles Times 5). By using very basic arguments of definition, Weigel makes it very hard to disagree with his argument. In this argument he states, ?A human embryo is not merely ?capable of life.? It

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