A Comparison of Tukerys Observed by Seamus Heaney and View of a Pig by Ted Hughes

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A Comparison of Tukerys Observed by Seamus Heaney and View of a Pig by Ted Hughes

In the two poems - 'Turkeys Observed' and 'View of a Pig', the titles are very similar. ''View'' and ''Observed'' - to examine, and to watch. This gives the reader the impression that the poets were very attentive to the detail of the animals - and so made the poem more interesting. The main comparison between the two poems is that they are both about animals. One is about a ''Pig'' and the other about a ''Turkey''. Also they are similar because both animals are dead - this makes us feel pity for them, though Hughes does not seem to:

''I thumped it without feeling remorse''.

The content of the poems contrast
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It also makes us feel that the dead pig is now nothing and it has no importance - it is just some 'bulk', worth no sympathy at all.

Both poets describe the death of their animal, but in very different ways. Hughes says that the ''gash in its throat was shocking, but not pathetic''. So he is saying that the ''gash'' was appalling, but still he feels no pity towards it. He also says that the pig was ''too dead to pity''. He can't feel sorry for it. This makes us now feel sorry for the pig, and saddened that Hughes has no feelings towards the death of an animal.

Heaney also describes the death in a grim and shocking way:

''Pull his neck, pluck him''.

Here there is repetition of the 'p' - 'pull', and 'pluck'. These are harsh sounds and is done to make the death seem very careless and heartless and to make us feel sympathy towards the turkey. Also, Heaney addresses the animal with respected - he calls the turkey 'him' and 'his' rather than 'it', as Hughes does. This is to give the effect that Heaney shows great admiration towards the creature, and that it is worth pity and respect.

The styles of both poems are similar. Neither of them rhymes - which gives the impression that the poets have no definite control over their

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