Essay on A Child Molester's Mind: How They Choose Their Victims

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In this essay I will be discussing the definition of Child Molestation and providing data about the topic through various sources researched to understand why abuse takes place and those who abuse.
What is Child Molestation? Child Molestation is a crime that can involve different sexual or salacious activities done to a minor child by an Adult. Children who are victims of Child Molestation are usually under the age of fourteen, and the Molester’s age can range anywhere from sixteen years and above. Child molestation can be a mental disorder that is passed down from generation to generation. If parents could understand why child predators molest children and how they select and groom their victims then they can begin to protect their
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According to Elliot, Browne & Kilcoyne, victims of child molestation may be defined as a child who may be lonely, quiet, or passive, or seeking attention, one who has no sister’s or brothers living in the same home as them, one who has already been a victim to child molestation, a child who comes from a dysfunctional family, Girls who appear to be sexually active or flirtatious, or whose credibility is questionable, children who like to be affectionate, and children who have low self esteem and self-confidence ( A Child Molester will act on these characteristics to gain the trust of their victims to make them comfortable around them and once they feel they have gained their trust that is when they begin their acts of molestation. They do this by testing the victims reaction to their touch by engaging in play with the victims through wrestling, tickling, hugging, or stroking the victims head/hair. While playing around with the victim they will accidently brush against their private areas to see what reaction they get from the victim. Depending on the reaction received from the victim the molester knows to either stop and apologize or keep going.
There are various forms of abusers and it is not known why they abuse. According to research those who are abusers have been abused themselves within their childhood. These offenders often abuse in order to reenact the roles portrayed upon them but having

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