A Brief History of the Jesuit Reduction Essay

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A Reduction is a mission town set up by Jesuit missionaries. The Jesuit Reduction started in the 16th century and was an idea of making missions for the native people of Central and South America to reduce the spread of the native population. This Reduction was started by the Spanish government the help Christianize, tax, and govern them also this made it easier for Spain to use the natives they captured as slaves to the crown. The Spanish government at this time was one of the global superpowers they had a lot of control until their lands got too cumbersome to handle. The area that was most influenced by these Reductions was modern day Paraguay in the tribe of the Tupi-Guarani (as seen in the movie “The Mission”) and later spread further …show more content…
This late coming had problems associated with it like lands already being claimed, therefore ineffective in the quest to evangelize the Americas. The Reduction began when Bishop Lizarraga asked for missionaries to go and evangelize Paraguay. Later in 1609 the Jesuits received government consent to go and evangelize South America, acting under instructions from Phillip III, the Spanish governor of Asunción made a deal to set up in specific locations as allowed by the government. The Jesuits agreed to set up small villages and missions at strategic points along the Paraná river that were populated with natives and maintained a separation from Spanish towns. Missions were booming in the area, within 25 years the Jesuits had made 15 missions. Because these missions spread into Portuguese land they were subjected to frequent destructive raids by Bandeirantes of São Paulo to enslave the native population. A few years later the missions moved west into Uruguay, which was under Spanish jurisdiction. The missions began asking the Spanish government for weapons to protect themselves with. These armaments were used to make a militia of the native population.
In the Treaty of Madrid signed in 1750, the Spanish ceded to the

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