Worldview Analysis : The New World Essay

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Worldview Analysis
Historically, Colonial American children were educated at home by their parents, clergy, or in Dame schools taught by other community members. Education centered upon a Biblical Worldview by which the primary tenets were first and foremost, to know God through reading His Word, followed by writing and arithmetic. The shift in America education occurred during the social and intellectual movement of the 18th Century Enlightenment Period. Initiated by the Scientific Revolution, it further expounded on the philosophy of a natural and humanistic approach to seeking answers to our how man and the world came to exist, thus quelling the absolutism of God. Rooted in classical Greek Aristotelian philosophy, the new world thinking assumed the notion that any truths of the universe that could not be hypothesized, investigated and proven by scientific methods, did not exist (Ferdon, page 68). In addition, Enlightenment Philosophers, believed that religion, traditional values, and superstitious thoughts impeded independent thinking. Furthermore, they argued that science and academic thinking should be based solely on natural reasoning and not on Biblical principles. Emerging from this train of thought was the Deists’ reinterpretation of God as the Alpha, but not the Omega (Martin, page 87). Such a worldview served only to disengage man from God and replace the belief and knowledge of the Lord’s divine power with the intellectual aptitude of man (Ferdon, page 82).…

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