World War I And The Great War Essay

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World War One or the Great War took place from July 1914 to November 1918. This war caused tens of millions of casualties and the destruction of major dynasties. The war was between the Central Powers and the allies. These two sets of opponents had developed over the previous 50 years. The Central Powers included Austria-Hungary and Germany. The Allies included France, Great Britain, and Russia, then in 1915 Italy, and in 1917 United States. One of the things that made this war happen was the leaders wanting to expand their territories. There was a lot of tension between the different leaders, not only for wanting to expand their territory, but because of other reasons too. Some of the reasons for the tension came from new technology being made, mass armies, changes in war far plans, and buildup of the military. In 1912 a French military leader when asked about his prediction for war and peace, he said “we shall have war. I will make it. I will win it”. Seeing how the war was predicted to happen two years before we can only stipulate to the actual causes. The need for war had been increasing for years and the ultimate tipping point for the war seems to have been the assassination of Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. Ferdinand’s assassination was so important to the start of the war because he was the Austrian archduke and heir to the Habsburg throne. It was quickly discovered that it was the Serb nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, who shot dead the unprotected and…

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