Women 's Role During The First World War Essay

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Georgina Smith
Ms. Large
Social Studies 11
5th April 2016
Women’s Role in the First World War
Many men during WWI, shunned the idea of women playing a frontline role in ‘their war’, and rarely even accepted their help. Some men even went as far as to consider the recruitment of women, a sign of total war. This was because in all of the past years, women’s only role was to stay home and support the family.The first world war gave women the chance to dramatically change their role in everyday life. However, they certainly had to work towards it.

A lot of women on the homefront were anxious, alone, and in constant fear that they would get a letter about their husband’s or son’s death. This encouraged a new bill to be passed. The ‘Gold Star Mothers’ group developed in 1929 for mothers who had lost their sons in the war. This bill and the debates going along with it, showed that father-son bonds, and widows making claims for pilgrimage to war graves were given a much lower priority than most others. “Arise, women and children of france!” (Rene Viviani), Despite this quote Rene Viviani himself, along with the french government , continued to reject women and their charitable efforts on the homefront. In the beginning months of WWI, many women were extremely against the violence of the war. Some women tried endlessly to negotiate peace through nonviolent protesting and rallies, but eventually, they had to give up and settle for helping their country and its army push through it.…

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