Women And Women 's Rights Essay

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“In 2013, female full-time workers made only 78-percent for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 22-percent” (iwpr.com). Although women’s rights are becoming more equal, there are still areas that need improvement. Women weren’t fully introduced to the workplace until WWII, and even though it was a big step, there were still unequal salaries. Differences between men and women are evident in salaries, but major advancements have been made for women through the women’s rights movement, their roles in the workplace, and how they were able to achieve more equality after WWII. To begin with, women have not always had the rights they have today. They were able to gain rights through several movements. The first movement meeting was held in Seneca Falls, New York on July 19, 1948. It consisted of 100 people, 68 being women and 32 being men. On July 20, after 2 days of argument and deliberation, they came to an agreement to sign the “Declaration of Sentiments”. In this statement, twelve goals were set for women to be equal to men, meaning they would gain suffrage, or the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton created the National Suffrage Movement. The main goal of the movement was to get voting rights for women. Following in their footsteps, Lucy Stone created the American Woman Suffrage Association, which centralized on getting voting rights for women by passing amendments to individual states. The first state to embrace the right for women to vote…

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