William Shakespeare 's Macbeth - My Strange And Self Abuse Essay

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“Macbeth engages in self-refashioning that amounts to sabotage committed upon himself ” (Willis). He even says in act three of the play “my strange and self abuse.” So was Macbeth really a victim of his own fate? Macbeth was in complete control of his actions, but by knowing his future and with the influence of others thinks only he can make it come true.
One of the main and understated relationships in the play is that between Macbeth and the witches. Their relationship is one of a peculiar and trusting nature. It is implied from the beginning that Macbeth is very reliant on the witches and is confident in them and everything they say, but we don’t really know why. Macbeth places his hope and trust in the witches because their predictions make him feel untouchable. By the end of the play, Macbeth is telling others “I bear a charmed life” (5.8.12). Also at the end of the play we are shown that the witches words are not true in their entirety. The weird sisters impact Macbeth in a way that can be debated as positive or negative. Some blame the witches for how Macbeth deals with his future and other feel that Macbeth was in complete control of his actions. Macbeth is enthralled when the sisters bring to the surface a fantasy he has been trying to suppress (Paris). This means that the witches capture Macbeth’s attention when they prophesize a dream of his that he has been trying to keep in the back of his mind and not act upon. The weird sisters use a confusing and difficult…

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