William Rehnquist And The Civil War Essay

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William Rehnquist was born on Oct 1, 1924 in Milwaukee, WI to his parents William and Margery Rehnquist. From an early age he embraced his family’s respect towards Republican Party leaders such as Herbert Hoover and Robert Taft (Biography, 2005). After graduating high school, Rehnquist attended Kenyon College for one year before entering the Army Air Corps during World War II from 1943 to 1946. Upon completion of his military service, he attended the University of Stanford where he earned a bachelor’s of arts degree and a master’s degree in political science. In 1950, he attended Harvard University to obtain a master’s degree in government. Then, in 1952, he transferred back to Stanford University and graduated at the top of his law school class (Biography, 2005). By this time in his life his conservative views had become firmly established and would later influence many of his decisions as Chief Justice. After completing an 18-month clerkship with Associate Justice Robert Jackson of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1953, Rehnquist moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he worked for numerous law firms from 1953 to 1969 (William Rehnquist, n.d.). During his time in Phoenix, he actively participated in the Republican Party. In October 1971, President Richard Nixon nominated Rehnquist to replace the retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Harlan (William Rehnquist, n.d.). Given Rehnquist’s firmly established conservative beliefs, Richard Nixon hoped that he would be able to…

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