William Blake 's The Lamb And The Tyger Essay

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William Blake’s “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” from Songs of Innocence and of Experience are paired poems that display Blake’s “two contrary states of the human soul.” Applying the different tones of these poems to humankind allows for a new view of the idea of creation. Blake uses the contrasting imagery of a meek lamb and a fearful tiger to convey the light and dark side of the human soul and he uses religious aspects to show how the divine creator can be seen as good and evil together. “The Lamb” is told through the narrative of a young boy talking to a little lamb, illustrated in Blake’s painting. The boy repeatedly asks the lamb “who made thee” and finally he tells the lamb that God created both of them. The boy explains that Christ also goes by the name Lamb or the Lamb of God and in the end he blesses the lamb. “The Tyger” is about a tiger in the night, but the speaker wonders deeper about the animal and its creator. The poem questions who could or would dare to create such a beast. From where did the tiger get that fire that shines in its eyes? What or who could construct such a heart and mind belonging to the creature? It asks if the same creator who made the innocent lamb could also make the fearsome tiger. The imagery given to the lamb is that of softness and light. The “softest clothing,” “tender voice,” and “meek and mild” descriptions set the tone of Blake’s poem. The lamb is a symbol of innocence, goodness and light, and Jesus Christ. The question…

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