Why I 've Learned At The Last Semester Essay

1180 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
If I’ve learned one thing in the last semester, it’s to never study abroad. Upon our less-than-graceful arrival on Snake Island, it was made clear very quickly that survival might very well be impossible for the lot of us, given our diverse collection of ethical models and the resulting struggle to work together. From the get-go, we had troubles with communication: we couldn’t agree on how to establish rules, we couldn’t decide how to approach island researchers, and we certainly couldn’t form some kind of system to accomplish those few things we could agree on. As could be expected, this resulted in a nearly complete lack of productivity. In reflection, I offered little to alleviate this. As someone whose personal ethical model aligns most closely with the Ethic of Care, parts of my character were very true to who I actually am, as my character is a follower of the same ideals. I think one of the largest reasons I felt relatively comfortable with my pre-determined ethical model is because it allows context to play a factor in decisions. Though I’m generally a rule-abiding individual, I loathe strict structures that refuse to allow flexibility. I also think that rational thinking can really only be achieved when one thinks for oneself, rather than simply implementing a determined model of thinking. As evidence of this, when discussions were had of eating Michael, both in character and out I immediately knew that I could not and would not be participating in such…

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