Why I Will Be A Counselor Essay

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I will benefit in studying to be a counselor because of the many difficult relationship experiences in my past. As a man raised in the Christian faith that subsequently entered the fitness industry, I have firsthand experience with the trials of temptation and sin and how they affect relationships. The “Glory of the Lord is My Strength”, was one of my favorite hymns growing up. Yet I often ignored those words, and consequently wasted a lifetime by relying primarily on my own abilities, strengths and rationale, in making life-decisions that would inevitably cause destruction, extreme loss and suffering. Rather than waiting on the Lord for his perfect timing and purpose for my life, I routinely became impatient and chose my own direction. I repeatedly chose career paths and relationships that I knew weren’t of Him, and without His guidance and direction, I ended up failing. After two careers that have ended miserably, three failed marriages, and two children with whom I’ve not seen for over nine years, I believe that I am finally willing to give God the reigns of my life, and “trust Him in all things.” There are few careers that involve more immorality and vanity than pretty much anything to do with the fitness industry. As a seasoned personal trainer spanning almost over the last 28 years, I can attest to the temptations that eventually break down even the most devoted husband, wife or Christian. It’s an environment that which encourages confidence, but fosters arrogance.…

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