Essay about Why I Were A Guard

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1. If I were a guard, I would be a good guard for the most part. The good guard that would do small favors for the detainees and never rebuff them. I would take into account the prisoners’ feelings and emotions and adjust to help them rehabilitate. I am about 50% sure that I would remain a good guard for only two days, then transition into a guard that were antagonistic, discretionary, and creative in types of detainee embarrassment. The evil guard would not do small favors for the detainees and always rebuff them. The evil guard’s object would be to dehumanize all the prisoners quickly as possible and not keep in mind the most important aspect of prisoner rehabilitation. I am most certain to find myself as either a good guard or evil guard, not in-between the two personas. The only real way to find out my actions would be to conduct another prison study with myself in it as a prison guard.

2. If I were a prisoner, I would not have been able to endure the experience. I am most certain that I would attempt to pull a fast one similar to prisoner #8612. I found prisoner #8612 as an intelligent individual because he was released less than 36 hours into the experiment due to symptoms of intense enthusiastic unsettling influence, disarranged considering, wild crying, and absolute anger. I would have done two things differently than the actual subjects did. I would most likely keep in mind that a prison study experiment is taking place, and I would tell Philip Zimbardo that I…

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