Essay on Why I Was Second War

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When I went to Denmark, it was a second war. Why do I say second war? When I got there, I had no background. I needed to learn everything because I had nothing. Even though I was a teacher, even if you were a doctor, even if you were a lawyer, you knew nothing. It’s a second war to learn from nothing and start a new life. My life after 35 years was over and I had to start again. I had to learn how to pay my bills. We never had to pay for water. We didn’t have electricity. We never even had a phone. The climate was also very different. We had to wear so many clothes at the same time because it was so cold. I went to Denmark in March, and it’s so cold in Denmark in March. We only had four months of summer in Denmark, but back in Congo we had 12! Everything was the opposite, so I had to learn everything. I needed to learn the culture. I can remember struggling because the first time they invited me to a party, I wore a suit. When I went to the church for the party, I was the only one in a suit. So the next time they invited me to the party, I wore jeans. When I went there, I was the only one in jeans. Everyone else was in a suit. It was terrible. Even though I wanted to leave, I had my son with me so I couldn’t. I thought I needed to find a new wife in Denmark, because I thought Odette had been killed. I met a woman from Rwanda who became my girlfriend, and we eventually had two sons. I needed a girlfriend because I didn’t know how to prepare food, or do anything in the home.…

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