Why I Was Receiving A Good Deal Essays

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The one time that I had received an unsatisfying bargain was when I purchased the inauthentic version of the Michael Kors (MK) watch. Steered by Bill the store owner, I began to believe that the reason for the watches being 50% off its original pricing was because there were plenty of watches to be sold. Bill began to go into details about how popular the watch was during this season and how he had a competitive advantage over other stores because his main supplier was a distributor in the Michael Kors factory channel re-assuring me that the watches are made of 100% good quality. To make himself more convincing, he began researching all the stores nearby who had the same watches but at higher prices. In my mind, I began to believe that I was receiving a good deal simply because I was offered the chance to purchase a real MK watch at a great price. Finally, I purchased the watch for $130. Since the sale was so extravagant, Bill stressed his no refund policy. I accepted Bill’s terms and purchased the watch. About a week later after wearing the watch to work twice, I began to notice discoloration. It was immediately obvious that I was sold a knockoff and had lost $130. This purchase really taught me the meaning of the quote “you get what you pay for”. The bargain made me believe that I could buy a real MK watch without actually going to the MK factory store at a low cost authentically. In the end, the bargain caused Bill’s store to win and me to lose. In…

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