Why I Was Nervous At High School Essay

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I was nervous, probably more nervous than I have ever been in the four years we have been together. Yes, we have been dating for four years now and I have never asked him out on a date. In fact, we have only been on 5 “real dates”. We started dating our sophomore year of high school and much like other teenagers, we did the typical skating, movies, and food dates. However, as our senior year rolled around, we found ourselves stuck in the Netflix and chill stage. As time progressed, we drifted off to different parts of the state for college. We were approximately four hours away from each other and our relationship turned into a texting phenomenon. When we got this project I was anxious because it was a perfect excuse to be together. Being that we were freshmen, our parents hardly allowed us to use our cars because of the distance. I explain the project to both of our parents and they allowed us to travel. The date was going to be Halloween weekend of course. It is an ECU main event, and also my boyfriend 's favorite holiday. It was the perfect date weekend, with the perfect person. He arrived on Friday afternoon around 1 pm, pumped and ready for the weekend. James arrived thinking we were simply participating in the typical ECU festivities throughout the weekend; he was so wrong. I walked to his car with a bucket of candy in my hand and there I stared into his eyes, my heart was beating practically out of my chest, and finally I just asked, “Would you like to go on a…

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