Why I Was A Great Job With My Final Paper

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Before any of my classes had begun and the very start of this semester, I had promise myself that I was going to give it all I had. Meaning that I was going to succeed in all of my classes, and failure was not an option because my main goal is to graduate. When I had English 121 I was doing great in the class, until the last assignment, and the reason why I did a great job with my final paper is because I fell in depression. Earlier in that week I lost a very close friend of mine and almost lost my brother to a drive by shooting, and the worst part I witness it all in person. It lead too me failing to meet the dead line for the paper assignment. After speaking to my professor and explaining what had happen, he was kind enough too had let me turn in my assignment late; if he had chosen not too I would have fail the class. On the other hand, in the beginning and middle of the semester I was doing great, well compare to where I was coming from. I had to start from English 050 and at that time I could not write a paper for jack, so I had to work my way up to where I am now. Coming from my struggles that I have with writing and also trying to make my writing a little bit better each day. I am determine to be a great writer at one point in my life, and it’s going to be a hard proses but life is hard. Therefore, as people we have to work hard and failure is easy, but success is not as easy. I had promise myself that any assignment and homework that was assign to me, I was going to…

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