Why I Was A Child Essay

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When I was a child I would love to enjoy spending time with my family. As I started getting older the more I realized that my life wasn’t complete. At the time that I was turning 6 years old, I had noticed that the relationship with my dad’s side of the family wasn’t so great. Many individuals from the family would ignore or treat me and my family as if we were scum. Since I was a small child it didn’t mean much to me, because I was all about games and kid stuff. I did have some great times for which I will not mention, because this is not the common happy, life lifting stories that you usually read. This story is about sadness, hatred, and treason filled with anger and sorrow.
It all started in one autumn morning at my grandfather’s birthday, when my family and I went to his house to give him his gift. As we were heading towards his home we started noticing that there were several vehicles parked along my grandparents gate as well as in the side of the road. While we started getting closer we heard the sound of music and enjoyment piercing through our ears, the sound of a festive celebration that was being held at my grandparents home. Once we got to his house we saw that the whole family was attending a party that was made to honor my grandpa’s birthday. The party consisted of many gifts, which were given to him by other members of the family or so I believe; however, we were never invited and we did not know either that we weren’t welcomed there.
While we were getting…

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