Why I Want For Becoming A Nurse Essay

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As I continue on in my education I want to learn as much as a can about what to expect when I enter the “real world”. Learning and discovering more about my possible future grows my excitement and interest in what I am hoping to pursue. From what I already know, I understand that nurses are amazing and strong individuals that are highly valued for their contribution to society.
There are many education paths one can take in order to reach the final goal of becoming a nurse. For older individuals who want to take a faster track, there are two-year degrees offered by most community colleges and hospital based schools that educate an individual enough in order for them to be able to pass the (NCLEX)-RN exam. Most younger people who are just starting off in college choose to take the longer and more beneficial education path by going through a four year undergraduate program to receive their BSN. A four-year track allows an individual to engage in the full scope of a professional nursing environment and get educated in topics covering all healthcare settings.
In order to receive the title of Registered nurse, an individual needs some sort of degree and they need to pass the (NCLEX)-RN exam. Once those two goals are completed a nurse can begin working. There are many different fields that a nurse can become specialized in including pediatrics, oncology, and anesthesiology. And there are many responsibilities that a nurse is responsible for fulfilling, that which include…

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