Essay Why I Should Work At High School

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Annoyed easily I get annoyed fairly easily. It could be just something as simple as someone asking for something of mine when I know they don’t need it, or up to someone messing with me on a daily basis. Anything could potentially annoy me. The most often I get annoyed is during school. In school, I try my best to not get annoyed. I will either stay quiet to not attract attention to me, or I will make sure I work by myself when the teacher tries to assign group projects. If I am assigned to work with someone who annoys me, I will generally not work. Once in sophomore year of high school, I was put into a group of people that annoyed me on a regular basis. I asked the teacher if I could work alone, but the teacher refused to let me. So I was forced to work with people who I didn’t like. During the project work days the group I was assigned to refused to do any work on the project leaving me to work on it alone. So I turned my desk away from the, and got to work. Through the course of a week I had finished the project alone without the help of my group. Later in the class when the teacher asked us to turn in the project the kids in my group had the nerve to ask me to put their names on it so they wouldn’t lose points. I then lost it and said that I refused to put their name on the project since they did nothing to help. I put my name on the project and handed it to the teacher and told them that I refused to put the names of the other kids in my group on the…

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