Why I Should Become A Teacher Essay

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Question 1: Why do you want to become a teacher? Why now? What makes you a good candidate to become a teacher?
I want to become a teacher for several reasons. The first reason I want to become a teacher is because I believe in giving back to society. As long as I can remember, I have had a feeling of duty, a need for purpose. This need for purpose directly correlates to “doing good in the world”. I want to give back to society as well as follow my own goals and dreams. This is what led me to want to be a teacher. As a child, I truly loved P.E. class. One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Priestley, my high school P.E. teacher and football coach. He was an inspiration to me and many other peers and team members. He not only taught us about exercise, nutrition, and football, he also taught us how to work hard, think critically, and to enjoy all things we participated in. I have him to thank for pursuing and sticking through a B.S. in Exercise Science degree. So when I thought about what career I wanted to pursue in life, the first thing that came to mind was a P.E. teacher. Not only can I reach out to the youth and teach them, inspire them, and motivate them, I can also do something I enjoy.
The second reason I want to be a teacher is because I want to coach youth sports. More specifically, I want to coach youth football. I could definitely coach while holding a different job, but being a teacher would not only allow me to have a career in an area I enjoy, it would…

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