Why I Should Be A Teacher Essay

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Have you ever had a teacher that just didn’t care, put in no effort, or just plain shouldn’t have been a teacher? Today our school systems are flooded with teachers whose motives for being a teacher are just the summers and winters off, they had no other options, or they just thought it would’ve been an easy job. Our schools are crying for change, and I believe this generation has the potential to fix the broken system. That, among many other reasons, is why I chose to be a teacher.
One of the main reasons I have for wanting to become a teacher is because I have seen how dysfunctional our schools are today. I’ve just come out of the system, and I know how bad it really is and what it’s doing to our kids. I know as a teacher I would work really hard to change the things that aren’t working in the system, like the curriculum and the workload and everything else that’s hurting our kids. If anything will be changed, it’s going to be this generation that either fixes it or makes it worse. With all the passionate future teachers out there, I’m certain we can make it better.
I always knew I would be a teacher someday, I could never imagine myself doing anything else, I never even considered anything else. I may have changed what type of area I wanted to teach, but I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was younger, I would play teacher with my sister and my friends. I had an extensive collection of sticker books for ‘grading’ and other things. I even had some old…

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