Why I Should Attend A Community College Essay

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Education is a major key component in order to contribute in society. As a student, I have learned that there’s a huge difference between Community Colleges and Universities. I chose to attend a community college because I knew that a university would be far more complex. In addition, every college student starting in their college education should take into consideration college will be a whole different experience. When I started college I enrolled in a community college; however, once I decided I wanted to start college my first thought was moving out to a university. Because I did some research on the differences between community colleges and universities, I discovered that I made the right choice attending a community college. There was many factors that helped me decide on where I’m going to start my college career. “The workload, unfortunately, is lighter than a state school or private university” (Scholarships.com). I understood the school work from universities were going to be more challenging, but also I would need to learn how to use my time wisely. I had many personal conversations with students that started in a university, and all the students’ responses were repetitive. Many students weren’t successful their first semester because they did not comprehend the curriculum, but were also overwhelmed because of the school work. Researching colleges helped me greatly on choosing where I want to start my college career, but also what were important in looking on…

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