Essay on Why I Never Changed My Life

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When prompted to describe myself, I would normally use characteristics of my physical stature such as short, brown hair, or green eyes. From kindergarten to my senior year of college, many times have been presented to me that I have had to describe myself, but thinking back to all of those times I have to question myself on why I never defined myself using my race. Clearly, the people around me could see that I was white just as they could see that I had brown hair, but why did I never use my race? The answer is simple, I was colorblind. I was ignorant to the fact that I had privileges because of the color of my skin. I was aware that whites did have more privilege, but I thought that personally I was not racist. I thought that I was not a part of the problem because I had black friends or thought of everyone as equals. Unfortunately, after divulging into my social positionality within the world, I realized that I was accustomed to the advantages I had because of my race and subconsciously did not feel the need to state my race, because everyone already knew the advantages I had as the white girl and a non-minority. Through my experience at a narcotics anonymous meeting, I learned how lucky I am to be privileged and how much I want to help stop the systematic oppression of races who are not white. During my experience, some people were very nice and smiled while others just decided to avoid eye contact with me or share their experiences because I was there. At first I…

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