Why I Learned Muscle Groups Through Experience Essay

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In dance, you learn quickly that without pure dedication and drive you will never be successful. While talent can come naturally, skill and technique only come with hard work. I spent countless hours in dance studios growing up, working tirelessly to hone these skills and perfect technique. A lifetime of dance taught me what it means to have discipline and dedication to a craft, values which I have also seen reflected in my clinical experiences. Medicine is a practice which calls for just as much discipline, dedication, and drive. Medicine, like dance, is an art form, where skill is acquired through experience and technique is continually learned.

It was the practice of dance that first sparked my interest in the human body and a fascination with how it worked. I learned muscle groups through the building of my own and I gained knowledge of kinesiology from firsthand experience. As I saw many of my peers plagued with injuries resulting from accidents or improper practice of technique, I learned the names of their conditions and strategies to help myself and others avoid them. I knew the physiologies of many common dance injuries before I knew basic algebra.

While I continued dance into my college years, my passion for science drew me to pursue a new path as I started my undergraduate studies at the University of Miami. My first, and possibly biggest, endeavor as an incoming student was joining PRISM, the Advanced Program for Integrated Science and Math. The program…

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