Essay on Why I Learn The Rules Of The Game

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"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else" (qtd. in Nikolov). Exactly the key of success is to know the rules and be the best player. For me I 'm Egyptian and everything is different here. Taking English in America plus not being my native tongue was a great challenge. I spent my childhood in a British school in Egypt so, English wasn 't that strange to conquer. In my school I studied novels, dramas, and poems. I took a lot of vocabulary and grammar classes as well. Then I transferred to the Art college. Since the study in the Art college was all in Arabic. Therefore I haven 't used English for almost six years. After that I travelled to the United States in July 2013. Then I decided to take an English class as a trial so that I can touch the educational system in the United States. Firstly, I took the placement test. I didn 't pass the First Time. As a result I retook the test and passed it. Next, I attended my first class. In this class I touched the big difference between the education here and that in Egypt. From day one I realized it would be a hard class for me. Through this class I have learnt several new things, as there were many writing assignments, challenges with take home essays, and difficulty with the in class essays. During this class there were many challenges. The First was the several assignments we did which had a good impact on me. The first homework assignment one of the two readings we had was the…

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