Why I Have Some Good Teachers Essay

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I have had some good teachers as well as some bad experiences in science classes in the past. Although I don’t remember too much about my science classes when I was in elementary and middle school, I do remember a lot from high school and have had quite a few science classes in college.
In middle school I did a lot of reading. It was actually completely all reading assignments. I didn’t do too many hands on activities, and whatever experiments I did do weren’t very memorable. This made science kind of boring for me and I found that while I did learn things it did not stay in my memory very well. However, when I took biology in high school things did change. I loved reading about the human body and all the different systems – it amazed me. Then we got to do dissections. It is not the normal “cool” thing to love dissections, but I did. The prep work we did beforehand which included reading about the animal’s organs and body systems was very interesting. I liked the learning more than the actual dissection, though. Sometimes it got kind of gross, but that is what made the learning standout. The oddness of it got me really into it and excited to learn more. I want all the projects I assign as a teacher to be that intriguing and hands on, as they make students learn in a very practical way!
An example of a dissection that really stood out in my mind was when I had let my partner be the one to make the initial incision on a crawfish that we were dissecting. She hated…

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