Why I Have A Good Education Essay

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In today 's society intelligence is often marked by the level of education a person has received. However, if someone has a minimal amount of schooling or even none at all they are labeled most of the time as uneducated or dumb even though that is far from the truth. A person doesn’t need to have a high school or college degree to be considered smart in my opinion. There are many blue collar workers who use their brains just as much as their brawn. This is something that Rose would agree with and that is the main argument in the article.

There are many who would say that having a good education is the foundation to a bright future and if you drop out school you wouldn’t have one and it would ruin your chance towards a successful life. In the article there are many moments where Rose’s view on something is shown and one of these is where he says, ‘I’ve since studied the working habits of blue-collar workers and have come to understand how much my mother’s kind of work demands of both body and brain ‘ (906). Rose’s argument is that just because someone works a job that seems as if they only use physical labor that doesn’t mean it’s true also people shouldn’t judge others for the type of job they have. For example a waitress is often looked at as a simple job where you just have to take a person’s order and deliver their food but it 's more difficult than that since they have to make sure their order is right and multitask with other tables they may have. The duties of blue…

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