Why I Hate My School But Love My Education Essay

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Why I Hate My School But Love My Education Gabrielle Hughes

In the twenty first century , in this generation , let me explain what society will tell students. “ By strengthening your chances of getting a good job , you will automatically provide yourself with the opportunity to be successful. Have faith students as your life will become a lot less stressful. Education is the key to your future happiness.” Education is the key.
Steve Jobs net worth ; seven billion. Mark Zuckerberg net worth ; thirty five point seven billion. Neither of these people , on the road to their success , ever graduated from Higher education. The argument that follows this statement “ Money is only the means by which this generation determines their worldly success.” Some even say to the future generation ; “ I don’t do it for the money.” The argument that follows this statement ; “ Then why do we study?”

Mother Teresa , ask yourself this ;was this extraordinary women unsuccessful in life , or uneducated? ‘Hard work’ and ‘education’ go together , but school doesn’t fit in. Today , in this generation , society has changed kid’s perspective , thought and mind on the idea of our education. As long as you follow study , behave , follow the rules , pass the exams ‘you’re cool’. School nowadays is a place which , according to teachers ‘broadens your perspectives and your visions’ but tell that to Malcolm X who in fact dropped out of high school at an early stage and is world renowned for what he…

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