Why I Don 't Laugh Essay

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need to talk about it, and that if I bring it up again she will walk out. I find this funny because I drove us here and the only other option she has is to walk home. I don’t laugh though. She is the kind of girl who would do that. She’d walk out and in five minutes she’d be crying on the phone for me to pick her up.
She stops talking and begins looking back at her half-empty drink. I believe fights and arguments are meant to be talked out, analyzed, and fixed. Anything that’s big enough for her to start crying over anyway. So I just sit there telling myself that she’ll be okay and that the reason she doesn’t like to talk over fights is because of how she was raised. Her family is an argumentative but loving family. A day at their house consists of ten fists being thrown, twenty curses, and a hundred hugs. They always seem to love each other in the end. I don’t understand this because I was raised in more of a monarchy where there weren’t fights just decrees and I’d go to bed mad at the king. I never wanted to go to bed mad at her. I thought if I did that long enough maybe I’d see her how I see my father and if that happened then what’s the point of being in a relationship with her? I’m dating her because she hates my father as much as me. I shake my head and stop my train of thought.
“Why are you being weird?” She asks as if it was a valid question.
“I was just thinking, sorry.” I’m always saying sorry. That night after dropping her off I go home. I walk in to my sister…

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