Why I Don 't I See Anyone Or Anything Inside? Essay

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“If there actually is a store in here then why don’t I see anyone or anything inside?” He thought with a puzzled look on his face.

Jeff liked to keep track of every new store that opened in town but somehow this one caught him by surprise.

Surprised or not, he just wasn’t convinced that there actually was a store in this old abandoned building. Even if there was, he had no desire to go inside. All he really wanted to do was go home.

Jeff stood there still staring at the window when he noticed the rain had stopped, at least for the moment, so he decided to rush home before the rain began again. He turned around and began hurrying away from the building.

The closer Jeff got to the edge of the awning, the darker the sky became until the big black clouds released large, heavy raindrops. Raindrops so large and heavy that it caused everyone to make a mad dash for cover to avoid feeling the distinctive smack of each drop.

A breeze began to blow and propelled a few raindrops onto his face. Jeff stopped abruptly and looked out at the torrential rain; he decided he did not want to get wet all over again. So he turned around, walked back to the bench and sat down.

“Rain, rain, just go away. Don’t come back again today.” Jeff said aloud.

“Well that didn’t work. Guess I’ll just have to wait it out” Jeff thought.

Impatiently he sat and waited but the rain did not stop. After a few moments, he just stood up and began pacing back and forth.

As he passed the window for the fourth…

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