Why I Don 't Follow Your Dreams Essay

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There is a quote by Farrah Gray that really hits home on this topic. "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs." Now, he 's referring to business, but we can take this simple truth a step further and say that if you don 't follow your dreams, you will be helping other people by buying into what they want you to buy into and living a life based around what they want you to do.

If you don 't follow your dreams, you will be pulled back-and-forth between other people 's dreams. In health, you will be told what you should look like and what you should be doing, not following what your body tells you that you should be doing. In a relationship, you will settle for a relationship that you are told you are supposed to have, not experience a relationship of your dreams. If you don 't have your own plan laid out in every area of your life, then you are going to follow someone else 's plan!

You have the power to follow your own plan in life. Why live your life for someone else? They already got their own life to live!

Do You Need To Follow Your Dreams To Be Happy?

You can follow other people 's dreams to make them happy and still maintain some level of happiness. By pleasing other people, you will get a high that comes from their approval, and that will make you feel motivated as you go after their dreams and good as you accomplish them. However, you won 't feel satisfied.

When you are living life for someone else, you are not listening to your…

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