Essay about Why I Don 't Do People Admire One Or Two Politicians?

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A lot of people admire one or two politicians because they like what the politician are doing or have the same beliefs and opinions. For me, I really don’t have any politicians that I truly admire. I don’t follow politicians too much because I get bored watching some politician talk for like three to four hours or even learn about them. I of course know about the president, but not so much about the vice president or any other politician. I am more interested in learning about technology all the time, I follow what is been created in the technology world and important events that is happening in the technology world. But over the countries that I lived, I grew on disliking some politicians, I probably dislike them because of the people around me dislike them and I didn’t feel like they were doing the right thing. For example, I don’t like Donald Trump, I guess he is a politician now because he is running for presidency. I dislike him because I believe that he is a joke for becoming a president. I don’t see him as a good leader that will make the country better, I feel that he is doesn’t take it seriously. It’s like he doesn’t care about becoming a president for doing something significant that will make the country better, but he just wants to become president for the fame and for showing off that he is a president of one of the biggest countries in the world. I also dislike every single politician in Iraq because they are all not trustworthy at all. Like I…

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