Essay on Why I Didn 't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

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“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. So the saying goes. As for me I do not agree with that saying. I believe “You’re never too old to learn”. So here I am 40 years old and back in college after 18 years. This time around I’m actually liking school. I’m very eager to learn new things and I look forward to coming to my classes every day. My greatest motivation are my children, my dad, and my husband.
Looking back I wonder why I didn’t stay in school when I was younger. I had all the support I needed to succeed, my dad. He is my greatest motivator. Has always been there for me and still is. I remember sitting at the dining room table and doing my homework while my dad did his paperwork. He would always tell me that I could do anything because I was very smart. Now that I read “Brainology” it makes me wonder.
I don’t remember very much about school or my teachers. There is one who I remember, don’t know why I remember her so much I just do. Mrs. Penny, she was my kindergarten teacher. She was a very sweet old lady, always praising me and just about the sweetest thing. Seventh grade my home economics teacher I remember maybe because that was my first experience with cooking and I enjoyed it very much. After seventh grade I kind of went downhill. Started missing class, getting kicked out of school. Just a real bad kid. Don’t know how but I actually made it thru middle school.
Now here comes high school. Didn’t get any better I guess it just got worst. Now I wasn’t just…

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