Essay about Why I Didn 't My Zombie Walk At The Powder Room

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I couldn 't believe that I did it when I did but boy did he deserve it; so I did it again. He was just lying there catching his breath after our latest session and I had just managed to stumble out of bed on my way to the bathroom when I noticed his hand out and I high-fived him. I took a couple of steps towards the bathroom not believing that we just high-fived but I turned back around after some introspection and realized that he really deserved it and gave him some more skin along with some jive “mother fucker” accolades before continuing my zombie walk to the powder room.

We were high as all get out before we started and after our couple of boot knocking sessions, I was on another planet. I had peed and was in the shower taking a cool rinse when he stumbled in himself and said “you know you are going to give a brother a big head giving high fives and shit after love making”, he hackled it up from there as he pretended to give all kinds of celebratory hands shakes and even performed a solo chest bump to add to the hilarity. All I could say was that my slip in keeping my cool was well worth it because of his performance.

He put it to me and even though he contributes it to the great weed, I have to say that was one hella performance for a “broke back motherfucker”. We have been so tired and exhausted lately and turning quite moody because of the move into our new place and it’s mental, physical and financial demands, not to mention the fact that both of us were backed up…

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