Essay about Why I Didn 't Do It Now?

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By the time I had gotten to my hotel room, it must have been close to noon. I wondered what Octavia was doing, and what she was thinking, and, most importantly, what shit Neon was going to give me. Either way, I had to face the music some day. Why not do it now?

Inserting my key card into the door, I pushed my way in and I saw Octavia on the bed. She was reading the newspaper, but she quickly looked away from it when she saw me come in.

“Vinyl!” she said, leaping off the bed and coming toward me. “Where in Celestia have you been? I’ve been worried sick. I even asked Neon if he knew where you were, but he said he didn’t. Where were you?”

“I was…” I sighed, looking away from Octavia, after which I sat on the bed. If I wanted to actually be with Octavia, I had to tell her the truth. No lies. Just honesty. “I was with Swirly last night. She dropped by during my gig, and we talked for a bit after I was done. Then that’s when one thing lead to another and…we kinda did it on stage, and Neon caught me.”

As of right now, I had a feeling that Octavia would hate me for telling her the type of pony I really was: An easy mare that would do it anywhere if it moment was right. But that wasn’t the case. At. All. Instead, she said, “And then?”

Was she asking me what happened next? I thought she would…never mind that. “Well. if you really want to know, she took me to her hotel room, and that’s when it all happened. She made love to me, and we held each other close. We talked about us…

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