Why I Didn 't Be A Drinking Again Essay

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I came home expecting my dad to be drinking again. I was ready. I was ready for the verbal warfare and whipping of tongues; I was ready to defend myself. Again, not physically, verbally. I come home from school and my dad told me he had made the decision to go to rehab. I could finally exhale. For once in my entire life, I could breathe.
A week later he comes home, sober. I was thrilled. He had been saved by the grace of God. I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about the “God” part but he was sober and that was good with me. In the next week we go to the church of the pastor who came down to Two Rivers to talk to my dad about Jesus. I didn’t want to go to church. Why church? To make the situation better, I was forced to go to the youth group. My dad wanted me to make friends, I could care less about making new friends. I was not exactly a “social butterfly” so to speak. I was comfortable with the friends I had. Those friends? They were “different.” They tried so hard to be different. With the black make-up and the scream goth music. I for one was not one to do the “goth” look but they were my only friends and I tried desperately to gain their acceptance; by idolizing bands, cussing like a sailor. They didn’t even like hair bands.
Let’s fast forward half a year to church camp, July 2013. We were going to Colorado and I was absolutely thrilled. Of course by then I was okay with going to church and the people there. I had made some friends but I was not close to them whatsoever. So,…

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