Essay on Why I Choose Pursue Nursing As A Career?

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Why have you chosen to pursue nursing as a career? I grew up in a neighborhood where people often misunderstand the term caring in a situation where care is needed. The concept of caring for an individual does not simply entail knowing that he or she is emotionally or physically stable, but rather has more to do with utilizing my personal experiences to instill the notion of hope. There are still people in the world who care and want to help out. Many times when I receive the response, “I’m fine,” from my friends, I instantly know they are masking their feelings by virtue of lack of confidence to share their true feelings; it is because of this that I have gained more confidence through my early educational career. My goal has evolved to bringing out someone’s confidence level through means of understanding their needs in his or her situation.
In the context of nursing, everyone’s needs and desires are different. Nurses deal with life and death situations every day. Understanding the experiences of every individual is a fundamental step to providing the best care. Nurses are guardian angels when the patients are sick or seriously ill. They are the ones that spend a lot of time with patients and build long lasting relationships. During these interactions, nurses meet unique people and hear about life stories that will enrich their life experiences. Also, there may be many possibilities where they may come across some patients’ stories that are incredibly sad and…

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