Essay Why I Choose A Supply Chain Management

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This paper provides an analysis and evaluation of why I choose a Supply Chain Management (SCM) career and my personal strategy for my career after graduation. The report also draws attention to the fact that the analysis has identifications and measurements, some of which include: organization skills, strategic mindset, planning, problem solving, supply chain management, marketing and leadership experience that will be employed to improve and assist the vision and mission of the organization I will be a part of.
The paper shows that short, medium, and long-term goals setting are my first points to be successful and put my life into real-action mode. I also have some back-up plans to meet those goals. To become a better person, I need to think how my worldview will be different in five years from now and what key skills I would like to improve.
In this respect, I believe that computer technologies will always remain very important for the supply and logistics field to distribute and utilize planning and collaboration techniques, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which help the improvement of data availability and accuracy. Thus, using advanced technologies and knowledge, a person who wants to work in the field of the SCM and Logistics can gain insight in the logistics sector, learn new skills, and open new opportunities and it will give the opportunity to know the behind-the-scenes and how to improve the company’s performance by using SCM tools in today`s…

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