Why I Am The Best Role Model Essay

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After in-depth research during class and outside of class I have came to conclusion that as a teacher you always want to be the best role model to your students. You want to always make sure you have the best attitude towards your students and promote a healthy environment. To become a well involved distinguished teacher you need to always be involved, lots of practice and improvement. There will always be unexpected things that may occur in your classroom and no one ever walks into a classroom the first day perfect, because like I said it takes a lot of practice that doesn’t happen overnight. Some lessons will not work right for your particular classroom that year that may have worked the year before, but as a teacher you have to work around your imperfections. While being at West Deptford I have went through and say many implications that may approach to instructions. The three areas the contextual factors may have implications on my approach to instructions will be the student’s backgrounds, the resources available to make myself a quality educator and my relationship with their parents. By knowing my students backgrounds gives me the chance to know them and where they have came from, as a teacher I would always want to know their background. A student’s background is extremly important to because no one knows what another person is going through from the outside in. Many students everyday will walk in and out of school tired or depressed and most of the time it’s…

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