Essay on Why I Am Taking This Class

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Why I am taking this class,my person definition and options on drugs with personal experiences attached with all biases pointed out to the best of my ability is my first journal entry. I needed this class for graduation reason, but I choose to take it because of personal experience with the topic and sub topics in other courses taken and from real world experiences. I had been exposed to some of the neural process which occurs with drug use; however, other CSU Stanislaus class were brief on the topic and I look forward to the in-depth look from this class. I think that no matter what the purpose/effect a drug is the altercation of the baseline state of the being. Continually use of the altercation in an excessive amount can be classified as abuse since its an altercation of the baseline homeostasis state. I personally feel that pure baseline of homeostasis state is a rare condition in American society today because we have damaged our environment to become reliant on drugs, migration of one location to another makes an individual more susceptible and our society promotes the use of drugs with heavy advertisement. Personally I disagree with a majority of drugs out their, but in the same sense I am biases since I drink more then four measured cups of coffee in day and use other drugs of conveyance. After four measured cups of coffee in a day a women under 40 will put her self at a higher risk of not up taking calcium, but taking it within from the bones for the daily…

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