Why I Am Black, Not African American Essay example

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Four hundred years ago, Dutch colonists transported nineteen Africans to America. As time passed, modern America is home of millions to immigrants who were born in Africa. In the article, “Why I am black, not African American”, Editor John H. McWhorter illustrates that “Black” is an appropriate term for black American because this term contains the history and honor of Africa American. Obviously, America, as a nation of immigrants, is the home of Latinos which are comprised of 12.5% of total U.S. population. In the article, “What it means to be Latino”, Professor Clare E. Rodriguez argues that being a Latino means that they own their unique cuisine, music and traditions and are constantly adding new infusions of Latinos to America. Even though Latin America and Africa differ greatly geographically and culturally, they have at least one undeniable thing in common, they both have two identities. They keep their U.S. citizenship as well as speak English. These Latinos and African Americans were born in America and both of them obtained the western education since they were young, some of which, never went back to their motherland during their lifetime. But even at such a situation, it is still impossible to identify equally with two or more cultures and identities because of feelings of belonging to their native countries. And this kind of loyalty to their native countries will cause the disconnection, the lack of basic concepts and the bias with other cultures and identities.…

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