Why I Am An Investment Banker Essay

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Why have you chosen to apply to this particular role and why at Barclays? (300 words maximum)*
I am a talent person who wants to change the world so I want to be an investment banker. I want to use the power of money to change this world to a better direction. Raising capital for great companies with great ideas can make our world even better. Great companies have great ideas but they lack money to make their ideas achieved. I am the person who wants to work with talent executives to accelerate their speed to change the world. Furthermore, working with great companies to let them go to IPO can help our whole society. Common people can buy great companies’ stocks and share profits of these companies. After doing investment banking for approximately five years, I am going to set up a new financial service company in my hometown Zhengzhou City to raise capital for small-size companies. After this, I will donate my own wealth to build high schools and one college for students from low-income family. Investment banking is a good field to start my career to make my long-term dream come true. I want to apply for investment banking department at Barclays based on the following three reasons. Firstly, Barclays’ common purpose is to help person achieve their ambitions, which exactly matches my personal value, working with great executives to let their great ideas change the world. Secondly, Barclays requires her employee to be stewardship, find better way to do things and value…

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