Why I Am An Art Teacher Essay

1500 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
On September 8, 2009 I stood in front of a class of 24 excited sixth graders and in a moment 's time it was as if everything I had learned in the four years of college prior to that instant suddenly escaped my mind. Today, with 6 years of teaching behind me I am now beginning to feel as though I am getting an understanding of what it means to be an art teacher and how much more I still have to learn about education as a whole. Educators have the unique opportunity of a new beginning and an ending every school in which we are able to review our work and assess our strengths and weaknesses as teachers. Each year I can see where I have grown and where I must work harder to improve. I believe I have reach a point where I am no longer wet “behind the ears” as a new teacher and I have observed areas in my teaching practice that will benefit from an advanced education in art education in order to better reach my students. Experience in the classroom has also made evident an inherent aptitude for teaching and reaching young learners that I would one day like to pass on to fellow future art educators. What I had learned from those energetic sixth graders that first year, and every class since, has been the bedrock for my own education for teaching the visual arts. Studying at the graduate level is the next step in building an outstanding career and as educational professional for future art and art education students. As I work to cultivate and refine my own teaching…

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