Why I Am A? Essay

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Have you ever felt that you have no idea where to start a paper? This is one thing that I continue to struggle with when writing papers. For some reason, starting with a blank white screen on a word document is intimidating. Even though I know what I am going to talk about, I have a hard time finding that perfect sentence to begin with that catches the reader’s attention, and at the same time leads into my thesis statement. In addition to finding a way to start my paper, I have come to the realization that I generally struggle with the use of the comma, making my thesis clear, and I often repeat myself. I have also noticed that some of my strengths include my conclusion, sentence variety, and the ability to continue writing once I have started. However, I think I have improved a little on some of my weaknesses during this English composition class. I know that we had a mini lesson about the comma a couple of weeks ago in this class, but it is still one of the toughest punctuations to use properly in papers for other writers and me. Using the comma is still something that I need to work on but I feel that I have made some improvements from the first paper to the second. For example, in essay 1, Draft 3, I forgot to include comma’s in back-to-back sentences. “He does not have a very big appetite and this was very hard on his mother when he was sick as a toddler. Life went on for William and his family and they later welcomed a baby boy into…

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